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About Zach

I started out like most of us do, at home with friends. I fell in love with the ink from that point on. Art was always my passion, and I wanted to share it with anyone I could. In 2009 I came to Under Your Skin and decided to get proper training. I started tattooing professionally in 2011 after a close friend and mentor passed away. I made a pact to push forward and show his memory honor by taking my talent to the next level. Never stop looking for the next level.

The styles I enjoy doing the most are realism and watercolor, although I have a lot of fun with every tattoo that I have come across. When I get to start a new project, it makes me excited! It doesn’t matter if it’s a huge back piece or sleeve, all the way to a butterfly on Granny. I am excited to do them! It's my passion as well as my career.

The people I have gotten to meet are some of the most colorful characters I could imagine. I look forward to meeting new people every day. Hearing the stories, and giving them a piece to hold forever. To wear proudly and show off with the same enthusiasm they had explaining the idea.
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