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Although I didn’t start my tattoo artist career off until I was mid-way through my 30’s, art had been with me since I was a young boy. I was always drawing and coloring, (inside the lines, very well) and even joined special art groups and classes in school. As I became an adult, life took me other directions.

I always dug tattoos but hadn’t thought about it as a career. I was setting in a very cool little tattoo shop, waiting my turn in Maui, Hawaii with my wife in 2004. I looked at her and told her that this would be really cool to do as a job. She looked at me and said, “You can’t do this”. I went to “The World’s Only Tattoo School”, where I was formally educated on the art of tattooing and by the summer of 2006, I opened my shop. Haven’t looked back since and the wife rarely doubts me these days.

About a year after opening the shop, my wife trained me on piercings. She joined the fun and became a piercer, after she attended the same school as me a few months later. I’ve been a piercer for about 10 years now, as well as, a Tattoo Artist for the about 13 years.

I enjoy traditional work and have clients return to my floral. But, there are few things that I don’t dig working on. We believe in a chilled, laid-back atmosphere in our shop. We have clients that range from Bikers to Correction Officers to School Teachers and Great Grandmothers and everything in-between. I may have gotten a late start in this career, but loving every day of it since.

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